peter and i are a strange breed of human creature
and now it appears we have pulled ellisa into the lovely circle with us
ahh, but do let me explain...

pietre and i have spent many years corrupting the innocent.
we never really have to dig for them,
they just tend to stumble into our waiting hands
(arms, assorted other physicalities, etc.)
originally, we were two children, each unknown to the other, 
each testing the boundaries of morality, integrity and values of society.
back then, i called it "individualistic" or "happily being the weird one"
likely, he called it something of the same quality
(or perhaps thought nothing of a character category naming).
either way, junior high, high school, whenever this began 
(it is such a drawn-out process of years, really; 
still continuing today, i believe), it changed us, ripped
our emotion and reason to volatile pieces, and, in the end, 
created something different; 
something adamant, strong, questioning, perhaps even capable of wisdom?
and, of course, we still feel lost, 
we've just gotten better at hiding it from the masses.
whatever the case, upon meeting five years ago, we locked into a 
friendship spattered by grief, violent arguments, common insights,
inexplicable emotion, lure, materialism, attempted transcendance, 
mutinous love, passionate hatred and the ability to sense the world,
it's inhabitants and it's vigor about us as others seem saxified.