when i was a child my grandparents celebrated
a golden wedding anniversary surrounded by family
and it was mystical like faerie tale stew
little older than that child, i married for love and
love alone would support me through my days and nights
it was the most romantic stories they ever told you
as a small intent being with big eyes and big trust
when the door slammed on my years begun in ones,
my marriage ended, my youngest's father ran shivering,
and my last hope fled to the eastern ocean, then the west
for two years now i have fallen in, then stumbled over,
brushing the gravel out of my knees and palms as i went
back about the daily grind grind grind of what i've made
of my days, tenuous, sighing softly like wind through willow
never stopping to cry, for stopping means the weariness
the slowness the futilities overtake you and saxify you
crying, yes, but never halting to do so for even a moment
and the tears, they blur your vision to mere ghosts
when you crash into something solid and warm and real
through the tears, the misty glaze makes them beautiful
and so you trust once more, then again, then again infinitely
wondering what will leave you first; trust, tears or sanity

where is my fondest hope?

worry overtakes my wit, a daemon with a shaggy growl
soft violent claws that wrap around, slip life from mine eyes
hypnotise me, force my melancholy with sharp pinpricks
clutch me, solid embrace, drinking slow minute drops of 
lifeforce flowing from me in bruised, crushed, moaning pleas

there is a bard whose tales do soothe my burning fevered head
gently calms my poisoned heart, breaking that unholy trance
reminds me of the time that's left, so much time perhaps
a bard rescues me from drowning the daemon's curse
in warm burgundy wine, or that which burns to forget pain
forces grey eyes from the creature that steals away
when i've forgotten how to fight for my existence
captures my sight in his own, then allows his soul to sing
to me, for me... and it brings me back long enough
for me to gather my strength, pebbles at a time
until the daemon recoils, having a need to feast upon
weakness, sadness, terror, tears and apathy

ah!  a daemon renounced!
though shadows linger...
and a faerie creature
closes her eyes
makes a wish
tosses her coin
for a bond eternal
through time and distance
no matter what life shall bring