last night, voice-bound
linen swaths, the attentions 
were; wrapped in peace
sanctified in softspoken

and i... i, self-absorbed,
contemplating the theft of your soul 
in want of placing it gently alongside my barren one
to rejuvenate that which collapsed in tears, 
comatose, burdened by husky sadnesses
another time ago...
deliberate words rolled from your lips
like the curls of smoke that satisfy
a body warmed; lost peacefulness
kind truths you saw therein, unbound
set alight in air to settle on ear and comfort,
metamorphose pseudo-need to want-realisation
a friend?
what is... that which holds you near, in despair-depth times
requesting not one single forever from your short life
only a series of tonight, tonight, tonights
passioncrimes left to mind's smouldering fancy
in the stead of that which truly is; to
preserve the bond, still green and obscure
believe the words, cradle them closely
to overwhelmed, aching, relieved breast

elusive soft sweetness
ambrosia kindness
tales intriguing
voice enchanting
encompassing warmth
compassion unfettered

you have made me whole this night...
invaded my dreams and made them real
taken me from a place of pity
renewed my vitality
and i cannot be yours
but i can keep that secret dream
all my days...
to have few sporadic nights
of mutual understanding with you
to gaze upon you, feel you breathing
as you rest there, leant upon me
having found comfort in the closeness
of those around you, and in myself,
is enough for so long as we are allowed it

i name you muse...
you resound, a single perfect tone,
through the caverns of my being
creating harmony within