settle down onto the damp window's sill
rest chin upon hands, arms upon it
gaze below, shimmercity stillness
enrapt in night's gentle blanket of quiet
snow falls drifting whorls into the streets
gazes absent amidst occasional duos
meandering; their own worlds warm, pleasing
oblivious to permeating chill
soft grey eyes shift to sky
eternal questions, wonders not why
but when this will be allowed, her wish
soul's secret... redundant

damnable.. *sigh*
the muse no longer loves me, either...
eternal time of loving lost...
those that leave, leave me bruised
sobbing softly into my crimson pillow
but when the muse takes flight,
tears offer no nourishment to blossoming prose
and lonliness... transforms to futility.
*flings silly sad self onto proverbial bed and ceases to believe the
 faerie tale for awhile*  poor creature...