Main Entry: man·qué
Pronunciation: män-'kA
Function: adjective
Etymology: French, from past participle of manquer to lack, fail,
from Italian mancare, from manco lacking, left-handed, from Latin,
having a crippled hand, probably from manus
Date: 1778
: short of or frustrated in the fulfillment of one's aspirations or
talents -- used postpositively

ill restraint

angel, demon, glorious entity
surround me
engulf my form
sweetly scented seduction
completes the immersion
of ecstacy in
soft red lips
and satin skin
moulding my flesh
branding kisses into my neck
purring, lulling moans
lying in ardent revival
this is revolution
of aeons past
swim in these secrets
this sacrament wholeness
entirely bound
in the silken fetters
of your flowing lockes
satin curls dampened
which cling to my kisses
wrapped in echoes
overwhelming me
rushing rushing
satiating blood lust
blood rush
inhaling your empowering
torrid incensed aura
draw you in
fingernails extended 
in butterfly flickers 
over nape
over blades
over spine
over the small of your back
gentle teeth 
gentle tongue
lingering exquisitely
savouring your seasalt skin
thou art god
dream come true
fantasy incarnate
writhing vision of precision
exquisite and lovely
vehicle of passion
physical play on words
on hearts
on the quilt underneath
now damp and chill
from seductionplay
sift slowly down
a beckoning nether realm
deepest midnight satin depths

All my life I'd waited to write like this.
I seem to have lost my knack again though.
I'm so obsessed with it that I am going to
take that same damned creative writing course
that won't transfer to my univeristy of coice,
but will make me write under the tutelage of
he who makes the blood boil with creativity.