I found a decent site that told something of my fae nature today...
Life can be too accurate some days.

True Love
This is a rare and wondrous thing and a cause for celebration when it 
happens. It is something that many mortals and fae alike spend their 
lives searching for and yet never find. True love is no easy thing to
attain; in order for love to be true, the lovers must face some sort 
of adversity that tests the bonds of their love. 

Being creatures of dreams and stories, fae love deeply and unreservedly. 
Either the affair is doomed to end in tragedy from the start, or the 
lovers will find some way to escape the tragedy and emerge victorious. 
In the end, the struggle is what makes the love strong. Indeed, a love 
that no longer has a strain of outside forces binding the lovers may 
soon wither and die. It takes a very deep commitment for lovers, who 
have struggled together for so long in the face of adversity, to keep 
their love strong once the struggle is over - such a love can certainly 
be called true love. 

This text is copyright WhiteWolf.